Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved to play games and I think it’s a pastime of mine that I will never be able to give up. The first console I owned / played was an Atari Super Pong which belonged to my grandparents. After that came a Playstation way back in 1998, and from there I knew that I had found something special for me. I still have the Playstation, and it still works. I’m sure the Atari is in a loft somewhere. This is only a small portion of my game collection below, and my digital collection is easily 100 or more games… I have a problem. But saying that, there are much worse activities for a young teenager to partake in other than gaming.

collection of old games stored in my gaming memorabilia box

My favorite platform for gaming has to be Playstation systems, going by the name CampyMcNasty.

One of the reasons why I love gaming on Playstation are the trophies, which are collectible achievements for each game. I usually try to play every game I buy to the end and try to achieve every trophy there is. I feel that game developers try to get players to do everything there is to do in a game via trophies, and I’m glad to be a part of the amazing community. Meeting new people online is always great, and keeping in touch with friends in different ares or countries is always good fun in an online game of choice.

Keeping up to date with the gaming scene can sometimes be difficult, but I’m really looking forward to getting a hold of Playstaion VR in a few months. I own a Hauppauge Game Capture unit, but I need a webcam badly to do proper Let’s Play streams. At the minute it’s just my voice and the game sadly. You can find my streams on or check out my YouTube channel!