How to show off your skills and interests with Udemy & LinkedIn

Udemy is a great community for learning almost any topic that comes to mind. I’ve used it extensively in the last few years for topics that I was never introduced to before. Photoshop, iOS Swift programming, and mobile UI design just to name a few are some of my courses I’ve taken from Udemy and I can proudly say I learned a lot from each one. I’m fortunate enough to hold a degree in Computer Science, however I’d like employers to know that I can do some much more than just programming. LinkedIn is the worlds best and most-used recruiting network/website today and adding your Udemy courses to your LinkedIn profile has never been easier. Using LinkedIn’s certifications section, you can add as many Udemy courses as you’d like. The certification name is the Udemy course name which can be shortened if it’s too long, it does not need to be exact. The certification authority is Udemy, which should appear in an autocomplete tab. Skip the license number, link your completed course diploma file you receive at the end of each course to the certification URl, and you’re all set! It will appear in your list of certifications from then on – you can see one of my previously completed courses, ‘Photoshop for beginners’ at the bottom of the image below.



You can read more about the partnership between Udemy and LinkedIn in the blog post here.