Playstation Now – How to avail of this awesome subscription service outside of the UK and US

Playstation Now Cover Photo

Playstation Now (PS Now) is a cloud streaming service for Playstation games which was released officially in the US way back in January 2015. Since then there has been numerous betas for us Europeans, with some countries getting a fully release such as the UK and Belgium. Sadly, for us Irish gamers there was only a single glimmer of hope over a year ago in 2015 when PS Now suddenly appeared in the PS Store only to be removed quickly with no comment from Sony. Oh how they toy with us. PS Now has also just recently launched as a standalone PC and macOS application, where only a PS4 controller is required to play over 300 games including PS exclusives.  Yet, no word on a large scale European roll-out has been given. Hope was all but gone, until…

YOU, YES YOU, CAN USE PS NOW IN ANY COUNTRY (and with very little work!)

Let’s get started! So firstly, you need a UK or US PSN account (I would recommend whichever is closer to you) It’s an easy thing to do, just pick UK as your region when creating the new account, you’ll also need to add a credit card, I just used my regular one but with a UK billing address of my Parcel Motel delivery address,but I don’t think this really matters. Note – you DO NOT NEED PS+ on this new account.

“But wait, won’t I just be able to play PS Now on that account and not my main?” You would be correct to assume this, but you’re wrong. Listen up, cause this bit is tricky.

Once you have your UK account, use the 7 day free trial to PS Now. You can avail of this from either the Store on your PS4, or on a PC using the web store.

At this point, you can now play PS Now games on your UK account. So go ahead and find a game you want to play, and start it up. Once it’s loaded to the main menu, you need to do now is the following:

Step 1: Press the PS button and Switch Accounts, do not Log Out. Your Account Selection should look like this, where your UK and non-UK (main) accounts are both logged in.


From here you just choose your main account, and you’ll notice that the game you were just playing on your PS Now account is still on your XMB and still running in the PS Now server farm! You’ll be able to pick up immediately where you left off previously, allowing you to play PS Now on any region account!

“So I’m playing the games from PS Now, but any trophies I earn on my main account aren’t showing in my collection. What’s the deal?” Yes, this is a little tricky. Because the game was started by your PS Now account, the user logged in on the “PS3” is actually that user, and not your main account, even when you switch users. Originally in PS Now, it was possible for all accounts on the same console to use PS Now independently, and therefore logging in with their own personal account. Unfortunately, Playstation supposedly patched this rather quietly, as it does state in the PS Now T&S that the subscription is account-based, not console.

However – I have managed to get a game to run on it’s own with my main account, which basically untethers it from the PS Now account. Initially I was receiving “Not available in your country/region” but I was switching accounts, starting the game, logging out of other accounts and whatever I did, Dirt 3 suddenly started working on my account. I’ve tried it with a handful of other games and have not had any luck, but I believe it’s still possible to play PS Now titles independently from a second account, and earn trophies with them too! If you need proof of this, you’ll see on my psnprofiles account that I earned 1 single trophy in Dirt 3, on my main account (CampyMcNasty) which is an Irish account – we don’t have PS Now here so the only way I could get that is from PS Now (or buying the game but that didn’t happen, I’m broke)

So if anyone has any method of doing this with every game or can figure out the trick I done accidentally, please post it up here or somewhere so we can all earn those sweet trophies on our main accounts!