Canal Cafe – 2015

A local café was planning to launch with a weekend only home-made style in an area with very little attractions or other services. It is situated along the Grand Canal in Vicarstown, Laois. After meeting with the owner and gathering the necessary information, we agreed that WordPress would be the easiest solution for a regularly-updated website. I had roughly 2 weeks to deliver the website due to the initial opening, along with .ie registration and hosting.  I chose to implement a restaurant/café theme as a starting point from which I built on, as it offered food menus, price lists, recipe functionality and other features which was what the client wanted. I performed many SEO improvements for the site, where it is now positioned on the first page results for the search term “canal cafe” and first for the term “canal cafe vicarstown”. The site is visited regularly as each week sees a different menu, and the client has reported that many people have complimented the café’s website.

The client also required a Facebook page to be created for the café for promotion online, along with a TripAdvisor page for reviews. I created both of these and performed the initial setup, with the client now easily able to use them. Overall there is very little ongoing work required for the website as it met the client’s needs very well. You can check out the finished site here.

Credits for assets used include Oliver Juhas (webmandesign) for the Auberge theme.