CS 2013/14 2nd Year Project

The criteria for this project was to build any form of management console / application which would interact with a database. Basic SQL operations were required, as well as a Java Swing GUI to allow users to interact with the data. The group of 4 which I was a member of settled on creating a hotel reservation system for both management and customers. (guests) Development proceeded with a database-first approach, but it very quickly became code-first as altering the database schema became a daily occurrence. We decided we should implement the main features first, without any major GUI designed, and correct the database as needed.

Because there were four of us in the project team, we each contributed different sections individually as well as operating in a pair-programming fashion. We found pair-programming extremely useful as different perspectives on the same problem would yield better and faster results. My primary focus was on complex operations for the application, such as searching available rooms with dates (Java dates to SQL dates, a horrible experience for anyone) , altering existing bookings and the final GUI design. Each of our own sections of the project were slightly different, so for the application to look professional I corrected any differences to give the application a more complete and uniform design. I also created a small local help website bundled with the app for a step-by-step tutorial on all of the primary functions.

Overall we received an A grade for both the planning, design, implementation and presentation of the project.