CS 2014/15 3rd year Project

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B-Our Guest was an idea to create a seat-selection tool for restaurants, similar to that used by cinemas and airplanes. We originally had this plan, but we decided to create something more useful and functional. Eventually we settled on a location-based restaurant discovery app, which also features the table-selection tool. Restaurants could register using an ASP.NET MVC web app I created, and save all of their details to an Azure SQL database. These details were then retrieved by an Android application and displayed to the user in a neat UI.

The technology that was used in this project was very interesting, where we used cloud-based hosting and storage provided by Microsoft’s Azure platform. Using Node.js server-side scripting and stored procedures, we created custom APIs to handle complex queries involving location algorithms. (Haversine) The Android app was designed to operate on Android 4.4.4 KitKat and above, where we were able to style the app using some cool Material Design features. The .NET web app was created using a lot of JavaScript for functionality and used the Bootstrap Framework to beautify itself.

Within a development time-frame of only 4 months, my project partner and myself created all of the features and completed 75 (gruelling!) pages of documentation. During the project I learned a vast amount of knowledge about the .NET framework, C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Android/ mobile development and SQL. I think the biggest lesson for us was the latency issues developers face when creating inter-connected and networked applications. It takes time for queries and requests to return over Wi-Fi and cellular, which was a big eye-opener after only dealing with Ethernet LAN projects.

The project source code is available here (Android) and here (.NET) The documentation is also available here.