My Deal Doc – 2013

I was put in contact with My Deal Doc, a startup based in Dublin with a recently released application called BoozeDoc (now TippleDoc) for finding cheap alcohol in local off-licences and shops.  Their currently website was running WordPress, but the design was very basic and did not reflect the business that the clients wanted. A style similar to that of the Apple or SoundWave website, large images with no borders with a minimalistic style was wanted. I agreed that I could achieve the requirements after a few meetings and over-the-phone conversations. The process was iterative, where I presented some of my ideas every few days using a test domain from my hosting, without altering the real website. I created many device mockups with screenshots and devices, along with larger images to act as headers in a slider. My biggest concern was scalability with the website, as the most frequent visitors to the website would be via the mobile application.

After a few weeks of design iterations, the clients were pleased with my end result, where I then replicated the site across to the live version. I performed a number of different SEO operations, where it now stands at the number one position in Google for both “deal doc” and “booze doc”. I gave the clients a very quick introduction into customising the different elements on the website as the majority of the site was easy to transform. No further maintenance by myself was needed, and the clients were very satisfied with the end result.

You can visit the website here , where it has links to get the very useful app too!