[Review] TP-LINK 10000mAh Power Bank PB50

TP-LINK PB50 10000mAh Power Bank

This is the first Power Bank I’ve owned and I have to give credit to Komplett for hooking me up with it as a gift from them, thanks guys! They have a great online store set up for buying all of your tech-needs and usually have great deals on PC components if you’re building or upgrading a rig. Back to the Power Bank now, and this thing is big! It’s 5.5 inches tall, 3.1 inches wide and 0.76 inches wide, so it’s quite similar to a bulky smartphone. It weighs about 280g (my OnePlus Two is 175g) which gives it a sturdy feel, but this device may be too large for some users who want a smaller form which would usually sacrifice capacity. The design is quite simple, the entire device is curved around the side and the black surface is smooth with a somewhat rubbery texture, making it very easy to handle indeed.

Contents included:

  • TP-LINK PB50 10000mAh Power Bank device
  • Grey carry pouch
  • Micro USB cable
  • User Manual, Warranty and other documentation

A single flush button on the side of the device indicates the power level via 4 green LEDs on the front of the device. The guide for these lights are shown below.

TP-LINK LED indicators
Image from TP-LINK website

Ports include a micro-USB for charging the Power Bank (recommends a wall adapter of 5V/2A which is most chargers for phones nowadays) and 2 USB Type-A ports, one being 5V/2A for tablets or large phones and the other being 5V/1A for smaller phones. The 2A port can also adjust down to a 1A outlet so there is no need to worry about burning out your battery. I’ve tested out the charging and it’s pretty quick and accurate with the Power Bank size. As the device is a 10000mAh battery, this would theoretically charge a 2500mAh device 4 times (10000/2500 = 4) So my OnePlus Two, being 3300mAh would get roughly 3 full charges from the Power Bank. I charged my OnePlus up from 5% to 100% in about an hour, the same a wall socket would, and I still have 2 indicator lights on telling me that there is between 25% and 50% left in the Power Bank. I was using my OnePlus while it was charging, which included WiFi and screen-on time so  obviously Airplane mode charging would have been even faster and use less power.

TP-LINK PB50 contents

I’m very impressed with the device as a whole, it fits nicely into pockets and is well-designed all round. I would definitely recommend this device for anyone looking for a Power Bank that isn’t obvious to others. Although there are larger capacity Power Banks and smaller build forms out there, this Power Bank has an executive look and feel to it, while also being extremely useful for anyone with a smartphone. It’s also great for Pokémon GO, obviously.

The Pros:

  • Sleek design gives it an expensive feel matched with a sturdy build
  • High capacity
  • Dual ports for charging devices simultaneously (1 port can vary between 2A and 1A)
  • Carry pouch is a nice bonus

The Cons:

  • Quite tall – may not fit in all pockets