The beginning of my Journey to Westoros

Waiting around for episodes of Game of Thrones is tough. It’s probably the toughest thing I do every week. With the leak of a month’s worth of episodes, I learned that my willpower is stronger than I thought! Thankfully it’s back to normal now, but the weekly wait is still too long. I borrowed the first book over the weekend from my girlfriend so I can engulf myself in it (typically, I have exams approaching, procrastination time!) I’m really liking it so far, the extra detail in every scene has re-ignited my passion of reading. I’m so used to watching or reading programming tutorials and examples, it’s such a nice change to have something completely unrelated to dive into. The past 6 months has been hectic with college assignments and projects, I can really relate to people who have complete opposite interests to their regular job.

A lot of my GoT interests lie in the North, I love the foreboding theme that’s set with the Wall and the fact that the coming Winter is being ignored by almost everyone. The TV show is great, but some parts are completely unnecessary. Extremely long anecdotes and tales of the past are used way too often, when a simple “Yes” or “No” would suffice. Then, when a long explanation would be great, we get nothing. The book obviously has a lot of detail in it for every scene, and I’ve already noticed myself picking up on small connections and hints I hadn’t from 4 and a half seasons of the TV show.

I read like a snail, so I’ll soak in everything from the books. Looking forward to the next few hundred pages!