Unity 5 & Sublime Text 3

Is the best thing I’ve ever done! I’ve been using Unity3D a lot more lately after I finished up a few things and getting back into learning the ropes is great. I’m getting used to the syntax of Unity, especially C# scripts and the different usages of Colliders with objects. I think the worst part I had while doing a few simple games was the script editing, as I hate the look and feel of MonoDevelop (and Unity for that matter, but there ain’t no way I’m paying for the Pro version to get a dark theme!)

Now the games I’ve done so far have been ultimate noob-level stuff, but a man’s gotta learn! The scripts for them were also pretty simple, the most advance thing I’ve made from scratch has been a Pong clone. But even for a game so simple, I found myself getting frustrated with Monodevelop. My regular script editor is Sublime, the best rootin’ tootin’ editor out there! It needed a few packages to get it working with Unity and C#, but it’s a pretty slick setup now. Sublime has a compiler in it for Unity C# that detects any bugs/errors before running in Unity. I’ve got full Unity-specific C# syntax highlighting, the only thing missing is the the quick API access available in MonoDevelop ( Option + ‘)

I used OmniSharp and Package Control with Sublime, along with an extra Syntax highlighter. The difference between coding in a grey/white environment and a dark / custom one is phenomenal as I struggle with non-dark IDEs. I’m hoping Unity will allow some form of dark-mode UI for their application as I would definitely be able to use it for longer periods of time. BUT for now I’m getting along with it.

I’m considering doing a Virtual Reality project for 4th year using Oculus Rift, it would be an awesome project to do. I thought the dev kit would be much more expensive but it’s not too much, but then again I think Microsoft’s HoloLens is one of the coolest pieces of technology I’ve ever seen*.

*If it works in reality / real-life situations and not just ideal environments